4 Key elements of a good sales video.

A great video can be the funny one shot on an iPhone, the slick one with the high budget production or the honest one where someone looks straight down the lens and tells a story. Every person has a different idea of what makes a video great. From a business point of view where you want to increase sales, we believe there are 4 key elements which make that video great and effective! 


So if you are making a website or social media video to try and increase sales, consider these 4 key elements:


  1. The video needs to be HIGH QUALITY. I’m not saying it needs to be shot in 4K all the time but it needs to be clear, good quality audio with no background noise and most definitely needs to be in focus. High quality equals attention span. The longer someone is on your website the higher the chance they will convert. Attention = conversion.
  2. The next is it has to have EMOTIONAL APPEAL. People decide based on feeling, need or emotion and not through a logical thought process. That’s why intangible benefits are the key to persuasion. You want to leave the customer feeling emotionally connected to the product or service. Be that making a service less difficult to understand or a product look so classy and cool (think Apple) they don’t want to miss out.
  3. USEFUL INFORMATION is next because even though they’ve decided based on their emotions, they justify the decision based on facts. This sounds like common sense but they’ve come to your website because they have a problem that needs solving – make sure you have presented a perfect solution, showcase your work or tell your story and give them all the rationale they need to want to commit.
  4. And lastly a clear CALL TO ACTION. What do you want the customer to do now? Contact you? Read your blog? Download your discount voucher? Book an appointment? Share the post? The customer wants you to guide them. So make it really easy for them.

Attention creates conversion; get your video right and it will do the selling for you. This one video can then be chopped up into smaller videos, take sound bites from it, add closed captions, blog with it. There is so much you can do with a great video. Content is your crown, make yours shine!