Hiring a videographer is a lot like trying to decide what outfit to wear. You need to find one that fits, that you are comfortable with and that makes you look the best that you can be.

There are many many wonderful and talented videographers out there but there are the odd few who may not be a good fit.

Here are 5 key things to look for in a videographer before you book them.

Videographers are not all the same.

We specialise in helping businesses sell more with video but I really wish I had a pound for every time we have been asked to do a wedding or birthday party! Make sure you know your videographer’s skill set. There will be those out there that say the do it all. That may be the case but be sure to ask to see examples of their work on the specific type of video you want.

Post production.

This usually takes the longest time. If you think you need a videographer for a day and hope to get the video the next day then you will either be told that is not doable or the work you will receive will not be edited the way you want, if at all. Be sure to ask the videographer if they are the ones editing the footage and how long it usually takes for the length of video you require to be produced.

What angles do you want?

If you only hire one videographer with one camera for a shoot then you are limited to what can be done. An example would be at a conference. If you have the idea that you want footage of the keynote speaker to maybe make slides to go with this footage at a later date to send to those not in attendance but on the promo video you want crowd reactions and vox pops then you will need 2 cameras. Chat this all through with the videographer. The more info you give them about the idea in your head, the better they will understand equipment required.

Where does the videographer live?

This might sound odd but if you have a shoot in Glasgow and your videographer lives in London that travel costs will come into play. Do they need overnight accommodation? Meals? What happens is there are travel problems and the shoot is delayed? Would this be a problem? If you fall in love with the work of a videographer who is no where near the shoot, talk to them and see what can be arranged and how you could make it work. Most videographers will go the extra mile for those who appreciate their skills.


You have a set budget, make sure you stick to it. Be honest about your budget and ask your videographer what is the best package they can offer for this. This is a much better way than giving the videographer your dream ideas, let them run away with that and the next thing you know their quote includes 3 cameras, a drone, gimbals, microphones and unicorns! Your idea is then looses its magic. If you are honest and say to your videographer, this is what I want and this is what I have to spend, I can assure you they will be come up with something as close to your idea as they possibly can.

Creating a new video for your website or a bunch of little videos for social media is very exciting and finding the videographer that fits, well, that’s just magic.

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