Have you decided that now is the time? You have an amazing product or service, you know it is kick ass and you want to go for it and get some funding and need a crowdfunding video! 

Having a great crowdfunding video on your campaign is vital in getting the key messages across and setting the tone of your product, service and brand.

So, the time has come to commission a crowdfunding video or indeed make your own. Here are a few handy tips to make sure you get off on the right foot. 

🌶 Script

This is the most important part of your crowdfunding video without any doubt. The script is your sales pitch, it will create a personal connection, it is your chance to show your truth and tell your story. In the script you want the investor to know who you are, what you are offering, what problem it solves, how this benefits them and what you will do with their money. There is a LOT of info out there all about writing a good pitch script so do your research before you put pen to paper. Forbes have some handy tips here.

🌶 Length

The ideal length of a funding campaign video is 1.5 minutes. Anything longer than 2 minutes runs the risk of being too long and the viewer becoming a tad bored.

🌶 Concept 

Are you going for a talking heads style, looking in detail at the product or service? Do you fancy a more lifestyle type video where you see your product out in the wild? Will you be serious and calm or upbeat and having fun? Have a think about what style of video would really represent your brand but you must make sure the crowdfunding video does not take away from the key message in the script.

🌶 The hook

You have the first 8-10 seconds to pack a punch, either with a question you know your investors would want answers to, or an emotional hook. So here you would use your strongest material to ensure the investors stay interested.

🌶 The solution

Answer the question in the hook both visually and verbally. This can be you talking to the camera to explain the solution whilst interacting with the product or explaining the service. Proving why it solves the initial problem. Have others talk about your product to give personal testimonials of how great it is.

🌶 Objection Solve

You will have come up against many objections by now, pick the most asked/relevant objection that you have come across and answer it now. This way you have already answered the question your investor may be looking to pose.

🌶 Show why, then ask for the sale

Show and tell them why they should invest and tell them what you will do with their money. You need to make sure you tell them the rewards will be and what will happen if they don’t invest. Most importantly, ask them to invest. It is really important that you do this, you don’t have to be pushy but ask them for the investment. Nicely…

Talking to a camera may not be your thing but it is so important that the potential investors really get to know who you are and what you are about. They need to be able to trust you and understand your motivations. Being slick and super professional is OK, it is just important that the above key tips are considered. If you are going for super slick and professional and look to use a videographer, then make sure you still consider the above 7 tips. This is your baby, it needs to represent you and your brand. If you want a few tips on presenting to camera, take a look at our blog 7 top tips when presenting to camera.

Just remember to keep engaged and stay on message and you will rock it! 

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