The art of presenting to camera is never easy…..

….as shown by my son Henry, who got the giggles during a pre-(birthday)match interview. We spend so much time worrying about how we look, the facial expressions we use without knowing, hands flying everywhere. Yet, that is what makes us authentic. No one wants to see a robot on camera, they certainly wont buy from one.

As a videographer, this is what we love to see in front of the lens:

  1. Keep it conversational. Relax and remember that being word perfect doesn’t happen in every day life.
  2. Smile! No crazy, demonic smiles required, just an honest smile when the moment requires it. When you have finished what you are saying hold the smile for a few seconds so we know when to cut!
  3. Breath, you have time, there is no need to rush. Think about what you want to say and don’t end up out of puff by reeling out all your important key points in under 10 seconds.
  4. Blink. Staring down the barrel of a lens can be daunting but drying your eyes out wont help. Blink naturally and let us see that sparkle.
  5. Messed up? Take a deep breath, gather your thoughts and carry on. We promise your little trip up will never be as bad as you think and guarantee we have seen worse. Laugh it off and move on with a clear thought.
  6.  Enjoy yourself, you are putting yourself out there, sharing your knowledge and expertise. Your viewers are watching this because they like you and want to hear what you have to say. Enjoy that.
  7. Clothes – Go wild but try to remember slogans may not be seen in their entirety and can read something else…… Shiny fabrics and overly patterned clothes can be a no-no and definitely avoid rustling clothes, so put that shell suit back in the wardrobe.

If you have something interesting to say, say it with confidence and remember….we can edit out most things! So go for it!

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