I have been shooting and editing videos for as long as I can remember. There is something wonderful about turning an idea a client has into a real vision brought to life. 


Even though I live my life in hoodies and trainers, it was not always the case. I have a corporate background and although that was not the life for me, it does allow me to clearly understand what businesses need in terms of marketing themselves. Having a business mind with a creative eye makes all the difference.



Co-Founder/Creative Director

I have been in sales for as far back as I can remember, I studied marketing at university and have been in every sales position there is, sales support, sales strategy, sales exec, account management and sales manager. So have taken my 20 years sales experience and teamed them with Ben’s skills to make some cracking videos which sell for you! 




Eric and Ernie


Full of energy, life and soul of the river walks, prolific microphone chewers, destroyers of all stuffed toys, hate cows but will eat cow pats, love each other 70% of the time and best mates of ours, always.