Articles by: Ben and Kathryn

7 top tips when presenting to camera.

The art of presenting to camera is never easy….. ….as shown by my son Henry, who got the giggles during a pre-(birthday)match interview. We spend so much time worrying about how we look, the facial expressions we use without knowing, hands flying everywhere. Yet, that is what makes us authentic. […]

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Sell more with video

There are stats for days out there which highlight how effective video is on customer conversion. One of the most used stats is that video increases customer conversion by up to 80%. There is a real change the way people view video. It went from being a commercial only product […]

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Our Story

We were those people. The ones in the suits working stupid hours, earning vast amounts of money for the Corporate giant. The ones who woke up early, dreading the day, sitting at a desk in a high rise greenhouse, miserable, yet out performing our colleagues. Each day we came home […]

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