We have prepared a few FAQs below to help answer your questions:

How much does a video cost?

Annoyingly, it all depends! All we would need is a quick chat on the phone or email to establish what you need and we can let you know straight away what this would cost.

What if we don’t have an idea about what type of video we need?

We offer a half hour, free of charge phone consultation to talk it through with you. You know what you are trying to sell, we know how to make that happen with video. Together we can figure it out.

How difficult is it to add video to my site?

It is so easy! We send you a link or a file and you drop it into your website. If you don’t know how to do it, we can talk you through it or you can ask whomever hosts your site to help.

How long will you need to film for?

Every video is different – usually we will need either a half day or a full day depending on the content you require. We can talk this through with you on our free half hour phone consultation.

How long does it take to get my final video?

This really depends on how much content we need to capture. Because your company is unique, we will create something completely bespoke for you. Once we know what you need we can advise on how long it will take to get it on your site. But rest assured we will work with you to create your masterpiece as quickly as possible!

How long should the video be?

People have a short attention span, TV commercials are normally 20-30 seconds long for a reason. If you want to get your message across quickly then a 30-60 second video is ideal. If your video needs a little more explaining then 2 minutes could be the sweet spot for you. As sales people we know what the customer wants and we can advise you as best we can and let you have the final say on how long you think it should be.

If the answer is not within the above FAQs, please do give us a call.