Sell more with video.

There are stats for days out there which highlight how effective video is on customer conversion. One of the most used stats is that video increases customer conversion by up to 80%. There is a real change the way people view video. It went from being a commercial only product which is highly expensive and out of budget, to YouTube doing what it does best and showing people how much fun video can be, to companies realising that to engage these younger potential customers video is the way to go.


Lots of people have lots of opinions on video but the one thing that is proven time and time again is that video sells. People still want to learn and understand before they buy. A consumer has an emotional appeal to a product or service so then needs to justify that purchasing decision with useful information and will spend around 7 hours in total gathering that information to justify their decision. 7 hours is a long time and if your website and social media don’t hold enough content to keep them researching they will go somewhere that does. We are conditioned to justify our decisions and video is the triple threat. Not only does it speak to the emotional appeal but also fact finding and recall. A consumer will remember 95% of a message they watch compared to 10% of one they have read. If your potential customer has gone somewhere to find more info, you can be sure they will not have forgotten your video.


So we know that using video as part of a marketing strategy helps Google rankings, social media shares, engagement and recall but how can we harness that to our advantage and get that potential customer over the line.


Quality = attention.

Attention = conversion.


Two very simple statement which pack a punch. Firstly, The better quality the video as in the way it is created, shot, edited, branded and placed will demand attention. Game of Thrones shot on an iPhone, wobbling about, would not have had the same epic visuals, wonderful colour grading and high definition finish as it did. I appreciate this an obvious statement but you get my point. People want to be impressed, they want to be wowed and they want to pay attention.


Secondly, we go right back to time on your site/social media. Once you have their attention, the longer you keep it, the more chance you have of them committing and making that leap. SO make sure you have plenty of video to keep them interested and sharing.

If 98% of consumers say that they watch an explainer video before buying a product or service then we need to give them what they want.