We all know we need to have social media content if we want to reach and engage with potential clients. 95% of customers remember a video they saw over a month ago compared to just 10% from written text. If you want to be remembered then video is the way to go.

We work with you to fully understand your SM strategy, understand your brief and create a public profile you are proud of.

A social media video is shared 1200% more than images and text combined…here are a few ways we can help that happen for you…

Social Media Management

To make life easier, why not let us run your social media for you? Working with you, we will create a strategy that fits with your desired objective and is true to your brand. We will decide on how it will be measured and what the desired outcome should be. It is then one day of filming for one whole month of content. We will post this at the best time, aimed at your specific market through targeted and strategic hashtags. You will have complete creative control but we will make amazing videos, create some compelling imagery and post them for you to take away the leg work meaning you can go back to what it is you do best.

Social Media Content

Short and punchy videos combined with some fresh, well-thought-out images will really help to get your feeds popping!

If your hashtag game is already strong but you need help with content creation then get in touch…it’ll save you having to pull your iPhone out 10 times a day to try and get something relevant to post!

Kinetic Typography Video

Animated video is usually used to explain a product or service and is fully brand focused. Check out what an example of what this might look like here.

Want to improve or get started with your social media game? Give us a call and we will help make it happen.