Finding partnerships in business can be tricky but when you find the right people, everything changes.

We are under no illusion of what we do. We are videographers. We shoot, we edit, we sell through the lens and we do it well but Oh! if I had a quid for everyone who asks us to do photos.

Videography and photography are two very different disciplines. Yes, the tool is the same but the skill set required is tailored to the requirement of the job. We have all the skills required to take stills on a shoot day to make up great content and meet every client’s brief, but if high end product photography is needed, portrait photography or landscape, then you need people who really know their stuff.

There is zero point in pretending you know it all. Just because you know how to build a website does not mean you know all about SEO, you may be the world’s best copywrite but it doesn’t mean you know how to market and may favourite of all, just because you have an iPhone does not mean you know how to make engaging video which sells for you. Allowing yourself to accept you need to bring in the experts on a job, is when you win.

We accept that when it comes to shooting video there is usually a photographer required. This is why we are asked if we do it all the time. Rather than say nope and move on, we have created an amazing partnership with a photographer which allows us to say with absolute confidence “no we don’t, but we work with a truly talented photographer who we can bring on board and here are his details” Not only is this great for your business partner but it shows the client that you have really thought this through and most importantly you are honest enough to stick to what you know and not try to do it all, when you can’t!

Partnerships are taken so seriously at Black Chilli and we have created a group of 8 professionals who all have a “particular set of skills” (one for the Taken fans) all which complement the service we provide to our clients. They are all specialists in their field and are always the professions we get asked about if we know someone, can we recommend someone? can we send contact details? The answer now is always “YES”, but not just a recommendation, we know these people, we trust them, we drink wine and shoot the breeze with these people. The professionals were all sought out individually over a 12-month period, it was important that they had the best skills that we were looking for but also that we liked them! Sure, their ability to down a large Sauvignon Blanc was impressive but their work needed to be of a high standard.

We have partnered with:


Website designer


Graphic designer

Social media expert

Voice offer artist

These six awesome people are everything we need to be able to complete ANY project successfully. We may not partner with them all the time but we know they are there when we need them to allow us to say yes to most projects.

We have named our collective The 381 and will soon be launching a website and slowly taking over the world so watch this space.

Having people to rely on not only when things are going great, but also when things are not going your way keeps your business stable. Knowing you cannot do everything and outsourcing what you can, keeps your business growing.

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