Video evokes emotion better than any other medium and it is our emotions which make our decisions. If you want to sell more, you need to have the emotional buy in of the consumer. What better way to do this than video testimonials.

Forbes state that a consumer will retain 95% of a message watched versus 10% of a message read from written text. So build brand recall and evoke purchasing emotions with video. Forbes Report

Below is a video testimonial we did for BNI Maidenhead, check it out.

4 key reasons video testimonials are a remarkable and powerful selling tool.

Social Proof

How many times do we look for the elusive 5 gold stars on a review page of a product or service we are considering? How likely are we to go the restaurant packed to the rafters rather than the empty one next door, even though we would get seated quickly? We are searching for like minded individuals that we can relate to, who’s opinion matters to our purchasing decision. Social proof is something we all look for in one guise or another but having a video as a social proof medium encourages two things. Firstly the viewer is 1200 times more likely to share that testimonial compared to if it was written in text or on an image. Secondly it very quickly shows the viewer that you entrust your reputation to your clients, showing them how much you value their opinion.

Emotional appeal

Neurological studies show us time and time again that people make buying decisions based on emotions. We then justify it with facts gained from useful information. Nothing gets us right in the feels more than video. How many times will you smile at the TV at a funny advert or well up at the John Lewis advert each Christmas (or is this just me?) You can’t fake genuine emotion and the viewers can spot a fake a mile off. A happy, enthused, honest customer visually telling the story of the problem they had and how your product or service helped them overcome this is remarkable in its ability to evoke trust in the viewer. No one will part with hard earned cash unless they trust you!

Story telling

I can recall most of the stories my Gran told me of her travels and my Grandfather’s stories of the second world war. I have repeated them to my children and I have never forgotten the details. This isn’t just because they gave me KitKat when my Mum refused, it is because the stories were engaging and meant something. The same goes for video testimonials. Your customer is simply telling their story, and if done right, does not get forgotten easily. We are hard wired to remember stories, be that for survival, to learn valuable lessons or simply for pleasure. Let your client’s tell their story down the lens so the viewer feels the emotion they are watching!

The market tells us Video sells

Looking at the report from Content Marketing Institute it shows us that video is now the third most used form of digital technology in marketing after social media and case studies. 86% of online marketers use video as part of their marketing strategy and marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non- video users according to Render Forest.

Humanize your brand, make your potential customer trust you, engage with new customers and allow them to feel emotionally connected to your product or service with video testimonials.

For examples of our video testimonials, take a look at our portfolio.

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