You have worked for months on your event or conference, organising it, perfecting every detail, finally the day arrives and then it’s all over in a flash!

It deserves the attention that a video can offer.

If you video the event, the following will happen:

  1. Your audience will increase. If you add the video to your website or social media it will attract more views because your message will be out there for a lot longer.
  2. Employees will feel more included. Those who couldn’t be there can view the video, see the best bits and feel like they have not missed a thing.
  3. After re-living how great your event was, your attendees are more likely to rebook.
  4. Those important to your company can be interviewed up close and personal, bringing them closer to the client and viewers.
  5. Attendees can reference something a speaker had said that maybe they had forgotten.
  6. Show off how great your company is, how great your staff are and all for the world to see – surely the whole point in putting on the event in the first place!

Some of the conference videos we offer are:

Presentation video

We can put together all your slides to run alongside the speaker. Firstly, delegates get to see the person speaking and all the content that was involved in one place. Secondly,  this helps those who couldn’t make it, or those who need to refer back to it.


Show it all off and let the viewer see how amazing the event was. From highlights of the best bits, to mini interviews or testimonials from attendees.  This can promote strong brand representation and improve attention to detail.


An interview with a key person in your business can really help employees get to know who they are. Furthermore it can show what direction the company is going in and what key message the company wants to get across.  This is a great way to get employees engaged.

Case Study

Any great piece of work that has been a success is often shown in a video case study. Video makes it so easy to demonstrate how good the work was, what benefit it was to the client or an example of what can be achieved. Above all, this is a really powerful tool in proving what your company is capable of.